This is where you can find the entire video-collection of Garry is Unemployed, as well as clips from my stand-up shows or different things I do and happen to record.

Garry is Unemployed: Season One

1. The perfect introduction:

When you make a first impression, better make it stick, that’s why you need to come up with the perfect origin-story for your job-application!

2. Five things to do during Lockdown:

Lockdown can be boring, but with the right strategy you can not only do something productive, but also cross an item or two from off your bucket-list.

3. How to small-talk

Ever been at a party but you didn’t know what to say or how to seem interested in all the empty conversations? Well, this video is going to be of help to you!

4. How to improve your video-conference

These days, everyone is doing video-conferences. So, it is appropriate that you know how to make your video-conference way more interesting.

Let’s entertain up to dozens of people together.

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