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The Party for People and Stuff

Born from the masterful plan to eliminate all cars so that the new car-mechanic boyfriend of Garry’s ex would lose his job, leading her to dump him and return to Garry, the Party for People and Stuff unites the two most basic interests of modern day politics: People … and stuff. Its purpose is to say the things that other parties won’t say. We don’t know if the people of this day and age deserve a true leader, but they deserve this party. So join us, as we govern through the madness of the internet-age.

Like every serious party, this party has a program with which we are going to win the next election (which is thankfully far enough away that you’ll probably have forgotten about our claims of today).

Our three key propositions:

Climate Summits via Skype

If I want some idiot to travel first class around the globe on my money just to tell me the world is fucked but he sure as hell can’t do anything – I’m flying in my family.

Stop the Cruise-Ships!

We will build artificial ice-bergs to stop commercial cruise-ships from polluting the sea, even if some dude makes a movie about it.

Stupidity Tax for all!

50 cents* for every factually wrong statement you post on the internet.

*Might solve global poverty.

Let’s build something together.

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