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Intro to “being inspirational”

Hello y’all. This is Garry, the random internet-person you appear to have trusted to make you feel better. I have to tell you, neither of us is happy with this. But here we are.

Sh*t, that’s not the inspirational life-advice you’ve probably wanted in order to make you a better. But then I don’t believe that that is the point of internet-advice pages such as this one, is it? It’s meant to distract you from the fact that only by closing whatever you’re reading this on and going out to actually be a better person will you become a better person.

F*ck, that was philosophical. I guess accidental philosophy is what my thing will be. Helped you to feel better yet? Well maybe March 9th, when the Garry is Unemployed video series will start.

Until then, enjoy some great music:

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