Becoming a politician (WITH MEMES!)

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Now, if you are reading this blog very attentively, you will have noticed that I am unemployed. If you are even more attentive to my writing, then you will have noticed that I have a peculiar skillset:

1. I hate people.

2. I can’t deal with money.

3. I have two left hands.

4. I am really good at pretending to be intelligent.

So, naturally, I decided to become a politician. Well, when I say politician, I mean: I founded a party. Yes, in an attempt to take revenge on my ex-girlfriend, I decided to become an all-powerful politician that would take over and ban all cars, so that her new lover Kyle would lose his job and she thus returned to me.

Despite the obvious flaws of this plan – and the fact I made the whole thing up in an attempt to draw laughs at a comedy-show – people started joining the party, telling me it had the perfect blend of satirical wit and boyish charm. Now this is troubling, because it means that I have to run a party, for which I clearly do not have the time and for which I am woefully unprepared.

But then again, I had already bought the suit after a girl told me on a date it was impressive that I had the guts to just start a party. So, here we go, I bought a website, I designed a logo, the Party for People and Stuff is officially up and running!

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