The Greta Principle

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Having a lot of time on my hands and being a user of the internet, I feel like I am fully equipped to grasp the depth of the phenomenon that is Greta Thunberg.

I remember the good old days, when the only two topics you could talk about without offending anyone were the weather and appointments with the doctor. Now, of course, the moment you remark the unusually hot day you spark an unnecessarily long conversation about the climate change lie that leads you to miss the doctor’s appointment to get your vaccination shot, which of course would have given you autism, anyway.

And once you are having that conversation, people will always tell you how terrible Greta is. How unfortunate it is that she should have success with her Fridays for Future moment, as that would show kids that they do not need higher education to succeed in life. Truly terrible. I guess that’s why millions of people buy Steve Jobs’ autobiography: To show their kids what kind of a drop-out loser they are going to be without a master’s degree.

But then, people might add, how can you be in favour of that girl and her movement. What have they ever got done? I might ask: Seriously? This sixteen year old girl rallies thousands of people to protest against the rich and the powerful for being at the source of change without using it to do something against global warming. And you’re saying the girl is the one doing nothing?

I think we all know the rest of this conversation cold. The point is: Shut up and stop wasting my time. No one has to live like a person in the 1500s, but we will all have to take a step back. The teenagers telling us that they’d like to have a future – they remind me of those teenagers who did not want the world to end in a nuclear war. But then again, what bombs did they ever defuse?

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