How to smalltalk

Are you afraid of having to make small talk? Well, fear not, ’cause here comes the perfect Master’s Class. We will learn how to master the easy things like picking a topic, all the way to mastering the really difficult things: Like faking an entire conversation by only referencing book-titles!

Lessons for the Lockdown

Well, it appears we are going to be at home for a while. What a great opportunity to give out some advice on the Corona-topic. I might tell you right now that this in no way reflects science or the official health-advice. It’s pure nonsense to distract you. Which is not working since I am talking about the topic I was supposed to distract you from. Shit. It’s like saying: “Hey Tom, forget about Emma, let’s talk about something else, like how great the guy looks Emma is currently dating.”

The perfect Introduction

Well, it seems like a good moment to actually transition my comedy towards YouTube, am I right?

Anyway, it seems like a good moment to give advice on getting a job. At least if there is an “after”, anyway.